Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Aug 25th-First Day of Glourious School!!

Wow! I can't believe how old my little babies are. Alexis is in HIGH SCHOOL!! She has a full schedule including honors English and honors chemistry and seminary. Next semester she will take drivers ed. (just because she takes the class doesn't guarantee that we will sign off on the licence :) ) This next week is "rush" week as they call it for clubs etc. My baby isn't a baby anymore. We are on the downhill slide to adulthood for Alexis

Lindsay is in 8Th Grade this year and is having a blast already with Dance Company! She was elected secretary so we will have to see what that will mean for her. I have agreed to be on the food committee for after school meals when they are practicing for the musical (Once upon a mattress) and other performances.

Christian is in 6Th grade and his last year of Elementary. YIKES! His teacher is Ms. Thompson and he says he likes her and I am impressed too. I don't ever realize how short he is until his friend Mike Vu came to find him and noticed that my boy doesn't even hit his shoulders. Poor boy.

Gabby is in the 3rd Grade and has the best teacher ever! (we have already had her with CJ) She got Mrs Geurtch! We are looking forward to an awesome year for Gabby. When we got to school Gabby immediately found her friends and dropped us like some hot potatoes. Don't worry we went and talked to her teacher without her and then made sure she got to class when the bell rang

Sarah is in the school of life and she and I get lots and lots of one on one time.

Sunday, August 24, 2008

Life is fragile

Thursday night I received a phone call that my cousins wife Ashley (25) had died unexpectedly. It made me suddenly, almost forcibly, realize how blessed I am. I have my husband by my side and all of my children surround me. Regardless of the trials that may come my way if still have my family intact; all is well. If anything good came come from a death I hope that it is that I have remembered how precious life is, not to take our time together for granted, to enjoy the little things, and always tell them you love them. I know Heavenly Father has a plan. He is there and he loves me. I know that he will comfort Jason (my cousin) and their son Conner. I know that Ashley Jason and Conner will be together again someday soon and that is the greatest comfort and gift of all.

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Sarah's breakfast and I do mean "break"!

Sarah is a funny funny baby! Just FYI we are going through an anti clothes phase. The diaper only look is definitely not my favorite but it is preferred over completely naked which she was just this morning. So when you see a plethora of diapy baby know that I am working on it. :) Doesn't it say on the cereal box just add carpet???

Gardening at Grandpa and Grandma Hill's

Our family has had a chance to help Grandma and Grandpa Hill plant care for and harvest a garden this spring and summer. Jason and Grandpa did most of the work in early spring but we all have been able to weed plant and harvest some. Jason rigged the best watering system I have ever seen for a veggie garden. Grandpa is taking care of it primarily of course. It has been good for the kids to see the cause and affect and more importantly spend quality time with the grandparents. Relationships are built on shared experiences so they say. In the garden is corn, cucumbers, carrots, peas (300 plants), potatoes, zucchini, watermelon, and tomatoes. After we were done with the garden Grandma fed us brownies and fruit and Grandpa told us a story of when he was a boy and his pet bird Charlie. Good Times!

Lindsay and Christian BFF!

My Lindsay and my Christian are the best of friends. They are always laughing and playing with each other. My hope for them is that the friendship lives on forever! The boy (as we call him) is more than willing to help Lindsay practice her new dances!!

Ward Campout At the Willows!

OK, Aug 8Th and 9Th was the ward camp out at the Willows. I wish I could say that we "camped out". Gabby got to stay there in the preteen girl tent and Christian stayed with our friends June Bob and their son AJ but our teens WOULD NOT stay to save their lives. They did not want outdoor toilets nor did they want to be away from their own beds so we drove up Friday night and stayed the evening and then we returned Saturday morning for breakfast and to get CJ and Gabby home. Luckily it was close enough to us that this was an option. We still had a great time with everyone and the breakfast was good so all in all they didn't hurt anyone and they both said that they would like to stay next year so maybe it was a fear of the unknown. I try to pick my battles and as passionate as they were to not spend the night this wasn't worth fighting about. I still love my girls!! I am sure next year will be super fun also...

Monday, August 11, 2008

Christian Is 11! Yes he actually made it to his next birthday!

blowing out the candles...Click to see a larger image.
Sarah you are so Funny!

Rice Crispy Cake and Opening Presents next to Grandpa!

Alexis and Lindsay Aunt Marnee and cousin Brookelyn

Aug 7 was Christian's Birthday! In our family we let each member choose where we will go to dinner and what we will be having for dessert for their birthday and He picked Famous Dave's for dinner and a rice crispy cake. We had a great time! We also do a need, want, surprise, and bonus presents from mom and dad and he received....
Want-a Co2 air soft gun
Surprise-A wave board
Bonus-Co2 Cartridges
Aunt Marnee gave him an outfit and speakers for his Mp3 player and Grandma and Grandpa Hill gave him camping stuff and his $11. (1 dollar per year of course) Thanks Guys! We are so blessed to have CJ in our family. He is a sweetheart and seems to be really loved by his friends here in the ward and at school. Christian loves the church and has a testimony already. He is way into his air soft guns and his new wave board and doing anything outside! He is a great big and little brother as he has 2 older sisters and 2 younger sisters. Smack dab in the middle. He will be the best husband someday because he knows how to handle women!! We love Christian!