Monday, August 31, 2009

Last day of school and shaving cream fights

It is tradition (dont you know if you do something twice it suddenly becomes tradition LOL) to have a shaving cream fight after school on the last day of school to ring in the summer. Let me just say there is never more fun than can come from 5, buck a piece, shaving cream cans can buy but I will only allow it that one weekend because it is a mess to clean up and it does something very odd the the hair. The kids know to get as much out of it as they can while they can so needless to say they do.
PS we learned that the aloe kind burn a little and will be avoided next year.

Why does this friendly gesture look very suspicious?

Aunt Marnee is more than happy to hose them off.

I have a lot to catch up on so be sure to scroll down to get it all.

We went down to Springville the end of April to visit Jason's Aunt Loris and Uncle Darwin and to see Great Grandma Lucy for her 97th birthday. Can I just say I love Loris and Darwin so much! There are only a handful people in my life that are as welcoming and loving as the 2 of them. I have always felt very accepted by this sweet couple and we didn't get a single picture of them while we were down there. How does that happen? So Sorry. The picture above is the kids eating creamies in the kitchen of the house that everyone loves! (Loris' house that is it is like a 100 years old and the kids all call it the doll house) Seriously it is such a neat little house with a lot of land that Darwin takes amazing care of. I cant say enough!!
Lexi Jacinda and Lindsay making cards on the lawn for Great Grandma Lucy

Cute picture of Sarah but look at that grass too! Darwin you are amazing!!

There is always a line for the famous tire swing!! This is Gabby in the swing Makayla pushing and CJ waiting his turn.
Gabby being pushed by Uncle Allen

Talk about Multi tasking! Way to go Allen!!
Jason's can do attitude! He actually made this work.

Don't fall Sarah!!

Sarah isn't sure this was thought out first


Look what I made!!

This is a handy dandy bow holder for my little girlies that I can hang on their wall. In looking for Super Saturday Crafts I have found a bunch of new stuff to try. I think making the decision what we want to make will be the hardest part. I knew I could use this either way. I love it if I do say so myself!!!

Actually holding the bows! Yep! It really works!

This is intended to be a stocking holder for those of us pitiful souls that aren't lucky enough to have a mantel. It turned out really cute but I think I want to seal it first before I call it officially done. PS the knobs are cabinet drawer pulls.