Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Feb 28th-A Trip to Cameo College for Hair Highlights and Nails

On Feb 28th in the morning Alexis Lindsay and I went to Cameo College to try out some girly stuff. Well I can say that I am educated some and mostly pleased. You will notice the look on Lindsay's face. She didn't like how short her bangs got cut but what can you expect for students still learning right? Also, I learned that if you are going for nails just do just do hair etc. and NEVER pay for the make up again! It wasn't bad but it was no better than what we could do at home for free and they didn't have any mascara left for me. STRANGE. We had a mess up with the scheduling so only Lindsay got a set of nails but Lexi and I went for highlights so it all evened out. (hopefully soon I can get my first set of nails) They got the trip for their birthdays. It was a nice treat to pamper ourselves a little. Especially together.

Feb 27th-Lindsay's 14th Birthday Party At Hollywood Connection

Lindsay had her friend birthday party on Feb 27 at Hollywood Connection this year. She invited Krystal Payton Chloe and Mickel. They had a pizza dinner and then unlimited wristbands so they could chose to play mini golf rollerskating and all of the rides. Lindsay also had a 20 pt card for the arcades if she wanted to use it. We actually left them after dinner and presents so that they could stretch their independent wings a little. Lindsay has good friends! A good time was had by all the girls!


This year for our 17th anniversary we had a 12 hour vacation with each other and we both loved it! We started with shopping and dinner are Gardner village the night before and then got up and went to breakfast at Virg's because they remind us of our days in Tooele. Of course more shopping at the mall including finding a husband for my Sophie Bear. They got married! LOL! I wont bore you with all of the details but we had a great day and I have never been more in love with my sweetheart than I am today. Jason is wonderful and we fit together perfectly. He...Completes.....ME! LOL! Seriously though. I am happy with my baby!