Sunday, September 21, 2008

Simple things for Simple People maybe?

I can honestly say we can have fun no matter what! Sarah has discovered this mesh laundry bag can be a basic lagoon ride and has been bringing it to us to swing her in it. I know it looks weird but there are big belly laughs all around. I wish I could have captured her little face smashed up against the bag. That is the funniest of all! Like I keep saying....never a dull moment around our house! Thanks Lindsay for helping shake N bake the baby!

Is this not the cutest Little Easter Bunny You Have Ever Seen!?!

Kids do the darnedest things don't they? I am wondering if Sarah thought,"This would make a great seat?" or could it be "I would love to wear this" or maybe "if I can get into this someone will carry me around in it" I suppose I will never know what she was thinking but it is cute all the same.

Parachute Play Day

Friday Sept 12Th we got out our trusty parachute that Grandma Hill gave us many Christmases' ago to play with and we had a ball! No really, there was a big ball that we played with also. We had a super fun time and even kept Sarah from running away even though she gave it her best efforts. We were lucky enough to have Patchy with us too so that made it double fun!

Lindsays Hello Day Assembly

On Sept 11Th Lindsay had her first Assembly for Dance Company. She also introduced herself as the Secretary for the group. She did a great job! The dance actually lasted 10 minutes and it was really good! Great Job Lindsay! They are now working on the holiday shows and getting ready to learn the dances for once upon a mattress.

Friday, September 12, 2008

Tickle Fight!

All I can say is this is just dang CUTE! I wish you could hear them laughing like they were! I have a smile right now just remembering it!

Thursday, September 11, 2008

I am Babysitting Batman!

I have had the most exciting week thus far!
I am babysitting Batman!
I asked him if he would like to take off his mask and He said very dramatically,"NEVER!!"
So cute! On Monday (our first day together) he kept it on literally all day!
This little guy has been a joy and a perfect gentleman. I agreed to do it to help my good new friend Kim persue her dream (and true calling I might add) of becoming a nurse. How could I say no to that??? She took a job at the Huntsman Center as a CNA and they are going to fast track her to RN. She will specialize in oncology. I am very proud of her and love watching her passion for the medical field.

Thursday, September 4, 2008

My Crazy Fun Kids!

I have the most fun kids! Here's the scoop...First my older 2 daughters Lexi and Lindsay say to me on Tuesday "OK mom we are ready for the volleyball clinic" so I look and first I see Lexi who has long argyle socks on and think hummmm...ok...whatever makes her happy and then here comes Lindsay who has not only long colorful socks on but 2 completely different socks! I told them they were weirdos but that seemed to be what they were going for because they just giggled and went to the stake function just like this. I am glad they are happy little weirdos who feel comfortable enough in their own skin to "express themselves"! :) (I know it isnt that bad actually)
Then we have Sarah and her baby. She will not do much of anything without this baby by her side right now. It is a doll that Gabby had first and has given it to Sarah and it makes the cutest baby sounds. We call her princess Alexa (it was on the box) but Mommy Sarah just screams and cries if she doesn't have her. p.s. you will notice that the top Sarah is wearing in the sock shots she dressed her baby with the next day...

And last but not least, this morning I here "Love you Bye bye mommy" and this is what I saw...from my most handsome boy! As he was laughing so hard it popped the rubber band off and snapped his face. Aw the price for humor can be stiff sometimes....

My kids are the bomb! Nothing has made me more happy or laugh more than these 5 characters that I am borrowing from my Heavenly Father. He must have known they were just what I would need. I so hate to be bored!

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Our August 2008

My goal for my blogspot is to have it bound into a book at the end of the each year to make a "Hill Family Annual" so this is my way of keeping a mini journal and have it forever! Wish me luck!

July 29Th-Jason Sings at Legacy Ward with His Quartet

July 30Th-Ward Party At Swimming Pool

July 31st-Shipping Sold EBay Items!!

Aug 1st-Retreat to Kristy's Cabin! I so love Kristy!!

Aug 2ND-Came Home from Kristy's Cabin with June and Bob~Thank you Kristy!!

Aug 3rd-Taught Relief Society on Prayer and Recognizing personal revelation

Aug 4Th-FHE on how to find topics in the scriptures

Aug 5Th-Had Anne Marie Nick and Nicco over for lunch and a good visit!

Aug 6Th-Cj's Last Den Meeting as a Webelos

Aug 7Th-CJ's Birthday!!!

Aug 8Th-Ward Camp out

Aug 9Th-Ward Camp out

Aug 10Th-All the Family Spoke in Sacrament (Except Sarah) on Faith In Jesus Christ

Aug 11Th-FHE Working In Grandpa And Grandma Hill's Garden

Aug 12Th-Registered Lindsay for Jr High. (free education my eye!)

Aug 13Th-Nana and Amanda came for a visit and grilled nutella and banana sammies!

Aug 14Th-Took all day sorting and checking clothes so we know what we need for fall and winter
Aug 15Th-Aunt Amanda took CJ to lunch with Mom and Nana for his birthday

Aug 16Th-Jason installed a ceiling fan for me!

Aug 17Th-sick family makes for a quiet day

Aug 18Th-Went to Nan and Ed's for water and great conversation just Jason And Me.

Aug 18Th-FHE setting curfews and rules for the pending school year. (explain to the 13yr old that she isn't 15)

Aug 19Th-Enrichment meeting SUPER SAT Planning!!

Aug 20Th-Dance Company rehearsal, Back to School Night, Daddy Daughter Date, Dance Company Parents Meeting all Between 3-8 WHEW!!!

Aug 21st-Lexi's First High School Stomp-Ashley Thompson Passes Away

Aug 22ND-Date Night

Aug 23rd-Went to see "Dark Night" with Dan and Marnee

Aug 24Th-We had the Hill Family Monthly Birthday Party to celebrate Jacinda and Christian. Elan brought the dessert.

Aug 25Th-First Day Of School!

Aug 26Th-Found out that everyone on the planet was buying school supplies at wal-mart today and they bought it all!!

Aug 27Th-Attended Ashley's Funeral

Aug 28Th-Went shopping with Marnee and found some real exciting things!

Aug 29Th-Cancelled camping for fear of rain. Jason took me out twice once for dinner and then a late night dessert! I am SO spoiled!

Aug 30Th-Took CJ to breakfast and one on one time with him while running errands. Babysat the 3 Egbert girls. Miranda, Maddie and Kallie. CUTIES!!

Aug 31st-Roasted Marshmallows and made smores over the stove as we watched the ginormous rain storm