Saturday, December 13, 2008

Dec 6th-Our Ward Party!

Sarah makes this face every time we try to get her to visit with Santa. Luckily, being the last of 5 We didnt expect much more than this.
On Dec 6Th we had our Ward Christmas party and had a great time! The kids loved seeing Santa and they had a room that everyone had signed up to bring and display their nativity sets and I have to say that was my favorite part. They also acted out the nativity. It was well planned and came off without a hitch.

Dec 5th-Moochies and Temple Square!

I love how Gabby is looking up at the experience that seems to be SO much bigger than her!

The wall of Fame at Moochies!

On the 5th of Dec our family advent for the day was a trip to see the lights on Temple Square. It was good to see them through the kids eyes and thanks to handy hand warmers no one was cold at all. In fact some of the children actually got minor burns because they chose not to follow instructions and put the warmers against their skin inside their gloves. They learned that sometimes mom and dad arent trying to ruin their lifes and may have their best interest at heart and next time will definitely not put the warmers directly next to their skin. For dinner we went to an official dive that we learned about on the Foodnetwork show "diners drive-ins and dives". The place was called Moochies and it was fabulous! I highly recommend it!

Westbrook family fun night and CJ wins the relections contest!

Gabby and her craft at Westbrook Elementary's family fun night.
CJ receiving his award for winning the reflections contest with his claymation movie

CJ trying to make hopping look cool.

CJ and his award

On the 3rd of Dec we went to CJ and Gabby's schools "Family Fun Night". They offered a free hot dog dinner and crafts for the kids. Also that evening was the announcing of the reflection contest winners and CJ won for his claymation movie! The theme for this years contest was "WOW". Also earlier on this day at recess CJ was landed on by a boy much larger than him on his ankle while playing dodge ball which has been banned, so for fear of being in trouble never told his teacher he was hurt and spent the day and evening trying to make the hopping he was having to do (he was actually hurt good) look like he was doing it on purpose and that it was cool. Oh the life lessons we learn in Elementary School!

Dec 1st Advent Calendars!

Dec 1st we made candy advent calendars. We take duct tape and place assorted candies along it and then with a long strip of wrapping paper cover the tape and candy pressing down in between each candy. We are having a lot of fun looking forward to cutting off the new candy for the morning each morning.
Sarah has day 1 on her face already!

Friday, December 12, 2008

Thanksgiving Day with the Hills

This April and Gabby hiding from the game they were playing with some of the cousins.
Gabby April and Brookelyn
Pouring over Black Friday ads and hoping for some good ones!
Grandpa (Ed Hill) and his brother Uncle Tom Hill.
Kids Table-Sam Gabby April Christian Alexis Marissa Lindsay Jacinda Makayla and Rowan
Grown ups-Grandpa Elan Joe Duncan and Collin
More Grown ups= Marnee Dan Allen Laurie Emily (ME) Sarah and Brookelyn
Sarah and her piggy tails and Brookelyn
Duncan and Collin
Kids Table-Marissa Lindsay Jacinda Makayla Rowan Gabby April Christian and Alexis

We had a really nice dinner this year with the Hills. It is always nice to get together and visit.

Another Vinyl Project!

Here is another creation! This fits the 8x8 glass bathroom blocks. PS the white is just the backing. It actually isn't there when you peel it off.

Raking Leaves. PARTY!!

On Nov 22 the kids decided to rake the fall leaves while Daddy put lights on the house and had a ball! It was fun for all of us to see Sarah experience them for the first time! 2 things to note one of the pictures of the hammock you should see CJ's head hanging out on the wrong side and Alexis took these pictures. She has a talent that should be explored and refined in my opinion. Life is wonderful when it is simple isn't it?