Saturday, November 29, 2008

Oct 18th-Frightmares at Lagoon

First let me say that I am a little behind on my posts. HEE HEE! I figure better late than never. Right? On Oct 18th Jason's company Energy Solutions paid for most of our tickets to go to the Frightmares at Lagoon and treated us to a hamburger and hot dog lunch. Almost all of the rides were open and it was refreshing to be there without the blazing heat for a change. Unfortunately, most of the ride pictures didn't turn out and that's OK. You will notice in the pictures of the "picnic" we had for dinner someone has a hand on baby Sarah in almost all of them. This is because if we didn't tie her down or hang on to her we would get to chase after her when she would attempt to see the park on her own. (which was very scary for the mommy because it was MEGA crowded) Christian tried to win the rope ladder game and almost made it to the top. I wonder what the Lagoon employee was thinking with his face that close to CJ's well ya know...A good time was had by all! It is always a treat to go to Lagoon!

Sunday, November 16, 2008

Oct 17 Was a Day at This Is The Place Heritage State Park and "Little Haunts"

This year my mom got herself a grandmothers pass to This Is The Place Heritage State Park. (She and my dad are good friends of Katie and Ellis Ivory and I think that had something to do with it now that Ellis is working the Park but I am grateful all the same.) One of the activities they do is a "Little Haunts" in October where the little ones can go and Trick Or Treat at the different houses and they have crafts and puppet shows and train rides a corn maze and even more! Sarah wasn't interested in their candy. She found a lot of rocks she would much rather put in her bag instead. We had a great time and were very very happy that my mom was released from ICU in time to be able to come and see the festivities. Thanks mom for taking us! After the fun there we had dinner all together and then She treated the big kids to the haunted village that night there also and that was an awesome haunted house experience. The scare seemed deeper if that makes sense. We took the kids, Alexis Lindsay Christian and Felicity for ice cream after.

What a day Oct 16 was! Sarah was our whirling dervish

Perhaps the pictures will be self explanatory. I must say the girls were taking the pictures and laughing while I went from mess to mess trying to fix everything. It all happened literally one right after another. WHAT A DAY!! Notice the T shirt says "Little Turkey". Not just a clever saying.

This is my favorite man before he was one!

This is my sweet husband fishing at Beaver Dam and he thinks he is about 7. What a cutie! I am in love.

Friday, November 7, 2008

A Glimpse Into Our Daily Life In OCTOBER

Oct 1-Relief Society board meeting, Alexis and Lindsay and Christian played flag football with the YM/YW for the combined activity.

Oct 2-I was taken to lunch by Marnee (Johnny Carinos!!!) to celebrate her closing on her new house and to reconnect. Thanks Marnee! Love Ya!

Oct 3-Date night! We are currently challenging each other to see how little we can spend and still have a great date considering our economic times! It has actually been a lot of fun to get creative! So far the record is $6.50 for dinner for 2. (the rule is it has to be "out" no cooking at home!)

Oct 4-Went to get get glasses for Emily,Alexis, CJ and Gabby, took CJ on errands for one on one, canned tomatoes at Nan's house. PHEW! Busy day!

Oct 5-Enjoyed watching Conference and lounging with my hubby and kids. They are all I need in life!

Oct 6-I spent the day with Marnee running errands and FHE. Tonight was game night and we played clue. Christian won!

Oct 7-My mom came to visit us! Always a pleasure!

Oct 8-Researched and learned a lot about cutting coupons and how to cut our grocery budget.

Oct 9-Relief Society Pres meeting. We had a good laugh and I don't think I can ever forget the pantyhose joke! Thanks June for that one!

Oct 10-Window shopping at IKEA to pick out floors! Yes!

Oct 11-Avoided getting punched in the head by a bad naughty baby at IKEA and left my awesome floor deal to the man who clearly wanted it more than I did. :( (It wasn't my first color choice anyway)

Oct 12-working on getting all my vinyl orders in and organized for super Saturday! I am glad that so many are interested!

Oct 13-took care of and sent our order for the ward sisters vinyl to be used at Super Saturday FHE on the difference between pleasure and joy.

Oct 14-Visited with my mother in ICU. She has to stay until she is regulated this time.

Oct 15-Today simple grocery shopping was a wonderful time to be alone with Jason. Laughing is the worlds best healer.

Oct 16-UEA Weekend. We did some deep cleaning around the house. Not all but most.

Oct 17-My mom treated the kids cousin Ashley down to Little Haunts and the big kids cousin Felicity and older to The Haunted Village at This Is The Place Heritage State Park

Oct 18-A day at Lagoon and Frightmares. It was Mega Crowded!

Oct 19-Church, Welfare meeting, choir practice and we attended a fireside done by the West Ridge Academy. Very very good!

Oct 20-FHE activity night and we carved 2 pumpkins a Franky pumpkin for Lexi and Gabby and a witch pumpkin for Lindsay and CJ

Oct 21-Went shopping with Jason to get things finalized with Halloween costumes and supplies for super Saturday.

Oct 22-We went to our ward Fall Festival and they had a true potluck (I took sour cream enchiladas) and carnival booths for the kids. A good time was had by all! I have a great ward! (thanks Alexis and Lindsay for helping with sick Sarah)

Oct 23-Bought 35 glass blocks for Super Saturday, Visiting Teaching Carol Ludlow, Presidency Meeting, and drilling the the holes for the glass until bit broke.

Oct 24-Went shopping with Marnee to get ready for super Saturday and get groceries and the Stake Music Festival.

Oct 25-Super Saturday! Poll Training (that we had to reschedule) and The Stake Music Festival.

Oct 26-Hill Monthly Birthday party at our house celebrating Allen and Duncan and Allen's family brought Marie Callendars pies to share. Thanks Allen and Laurie!

Oct 27-Babysat Jack for the first time today and poll book judge training for me and provisional judge training for Jason.

Oct 28-Daycare with Jack. It was a great day today.

Oct 29-Jason did baptisms with the youth and ended up baptizing another party there also.

Oct 30-Lindsay had a Dance Company Halloween party and Jason and I got our date night!

Oct 31-Halloween! Also had the monthly Bitner family birthday party celebrating Ashley and halloween combined into one big party. I was in charge this month and did a true potluck (I made dog food dip) Dan Marnee Brookelyn and April and Nan and Duncan joined us too.