Tuesday, July 29, 2008

I want to help with the dishes Mommy!

Sarah, our little lady, is so into the dishes. She is always right there wanting to help unload (regardless if we are loading or unloading) and loves to shut the door too...She gets shewed away a lot but this day took she matters into her own hands.....

The Pioneer Trek on Pioneer Day

Alexis went on Pioneer trek with our Stake this weekend and had a great time! She was only allowed a 5 gal bucket weighing no more that 17 pounds to fit all of her things excluding her sleeping bag and pillow and the things she was willing to carry. Alexis wore the same pioneer outfit including bloomers and a bonnet for 3 days and spoke of amazing experiences. Many of her leaders told us she was a joy to have around when Jason picked her up. They mentioned being touched when they saw how upset Alexis was when the "family" sand baby Lily died and they were unable to bury her. Like many of the pioneers they has no choice but to leave her on the trail and drive on. Alexis also mentioned "the women's pull" where the women had to push the hand cart up the "hardest hill" of the trek. She told of how 2 men in uniforms arrived and requested the services of all the men and boys. The men returned but were instructed not to help immediately and many cried as they watched the girls pull unable to step in. She had a lot of fun, learned much and amazingly came home without a single blister. (thanks Marcie for the awesome tip!!)

Our First Post!

Hello friends and Family!

I have been watching your blogs for a while and have decided to take the plung! I have been really enjoying seeing how my peeps are doing and would love for all ya all to check in on us from time to time!