Thursday, April 16, 2009

Calling All Cheerleaders Everywhere!

Hello My Friends Family and Soon to Be Friends!

Please help cheer me on and visit my new personal blog logging the ups and downs of weight loss! Tell everyone to come and we can support each other together

Thanks Everyone!

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

The Bears Are Waprechauns! (wanna be Leprechauns)

Sebastian and Sophie Bear are Wanna Be Leprechauns! But they did make great St Patrick Day Decor anyway!

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

March 1st Lindsay Karen Hill Has Her 14th Birthday!

My little Lindsay Karen is 14th! My how time flys! Her actual birthday fell on a Sunday so it is a good thing that we are trying the eating our favorite meal at home so that we could avoid breaking the Sabbath. She chose French dip sandwiches and an ice cream sandwich cake. Yummy! Jace and Brady stopped by to give Lindsay their best. (we have a lot of boy visitors these days LOL!)
One of the gifts that Lindsay asked for was a new color on the walls in her bedroom. We will be doing that here in the next month. The color she picked is called very berry. I'm a little worried but Lindsay has great taste so I'm sure I am worrying for nothing.
Grandma Hill stopped by. (Grandpa Hill was visiting Uncle Tom and Aunt Deb in St George etc this day )
FOOD:Ice Cream
DESSERT: Ice Cream (I'm sensing a theme LOL!)
NICKNAMES:Lindsor Torte, Tortilla, Nee Nee, Tortin bort, Torte, My Little Celery, Patchy

I have so much on my mind about my sweet Lindsay. She has a huge wonderful special heart. She is a peacemaker among her friends. I have watched her befriend the friendless and do it without wanting any praise but just for the sake of the person in need. Even when her actions are ridiculed. No one will ever feel alone if she is there. She is gentle. Lindsay reminds me of me. Sarah and Gabby adore Lindsay and think she is the coolest! To them anything that came from Lindsay is golden. She is a wonderful big sister. If I need anything to get done and done well Lindsay is the child I know I can call on. Her common sense is amazing. She seems mature beyond her years but still can have a lot of fun! She has amazing fashion smarts and can put together a kickin outfit and do the hair with it perfectly. Lindsay is a great dancer! She choreographed one of the dances that Dance Company will be doing in the spring concert. I love Lindsay with all of my heart and thank my Heavenly Father that I have been blessed with her in my life. Happy 14th Birthday Lindsay!

Lexi's Sweet 16 Birthday Party! Feb 28th (time to catch this up LOL!)

Sarah thinking, "so is it too soon to start planning my sweet 16 party Mommy?"
On Feb 28th We threw a sweet 16 birthday party for Alexis and her friends at the church. The theme was neon/glow in the dark. We had black lights a disco ball and a spinning light ball helium filled balloons and rope lights. Also we passed out glow sticks galore. It was awesome if I do say so myself! Alexis spent hours making her own play list for the dancing music and there was plenty of food to go around even for the hungry dancing teens. She invited 50 friends and the highlight of the evening was getting an invitation to her first prom! I am pretty sure a good time was had by all! Thank you goes out to Aunt Anne Marie and Uncle Nick for coming and helping out!
Cards for her friends to give Alexis a neon birthday wish.
Cousin Marissa

Cousin Brookelyn
Sleeping Sarah

The group