Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Christian is looking for an agent! Seriously.

This is the head shot (above) we sent out zoomed in a little closer

Ok so "the boy" as we call him has decided he would like to explore his options with talent agency's (he played Winthrup in The Music Man and loved it) and the advise we got was to take some simple head and body shots and send them out and see what happens. Here are some of the first...BTW I asked him to do his hair the way he would like to represent himself and the faux hawk is the hair do he came up with..
PS 2 agencies out of LA are interested in him! We will have to see how it goes from here.

Monday, May 25, 2009

Lindsays spring concert and flower fundraiser

April 28 and 29th was Lindsays Spring Concert with the KJHS Dance Company. They did an awesome job! I was so impressed.
These shots with the giant balloons are the finale and it was amazing! I wish the pictures could do it justice.


This is a picture of the dance Lindsay choreographed herself. It was so good! She is one talented teen! That is Lindsay at the point of the triangle.

The ball of energy is Lindsay dancing! These pictures inspired me to invest in a better camera.
Lindsay's baby picture on the big screen
Lindsay hugging Mrs Patton
Lindsay on the Dance Company Board
I volunteered to help with the flower fundraiser and made these bouquets all by myself. (the day before was a joint flower effort with my new friends Royce and Jenny and boy are they QT's but they weren't available the next day) It was rather successful! What parent wants their daughter to be the only one who didn't get flowers?

A before shot

My Niece Lola's Blessing

Lola's Brother Nicco

Lola wore the dress her mama was blessed in. It is our family tradition that the blessing dresses are passed down from mother to her oldest daughter and we embroider the name and blessing date of each person on the slip.

April 25 was my little niece Lola Marie's baby blessing! She is such a cutie and a favorite around here. Pretend phone calls to baby Lola are made all day long from Sarah. My sis Anne Marie did a great job with the dinner and decorations and most importantly her blessing by her daddy Nick was great! Good job guys! We love you Lola!

April 24th Jason Takes the Scouts Camping

Tut Tut It Looks Like Rain
My little boy blue

Is this the child launching merit badge?

Jason serves with John Denver! JK! This is CJ with Taylor Matt (John Denver LOL!) and Spencer Actually Matt is the bomb! We both love him to death! He is one of those guys you automatically call when you need help.
Brandon and Ryan
The boys on adjacent mountain

The weekend of April 24th Jason took the deacons on a camp out sponsored by the BSA at Antelope Island. He says it rained the entire time they were there. CJ and his best friend Patrick were invited to come also so it was good for the boy to get some good time with dad. (Christian wont be officially a deacon until Aug 7th of this year) I am so proud of Jason for taking good pictures! What a smart man!